1.​ When I came my grandmother ___________ a pie.

a) baked b) is baking c) was baking

2. __________ car is that?

a) Whose b) Who`s c) Whome

3.​ I`ll have done my homework before you ______

a) will come b) come c) have come

4.​ He asked me what ________ my name.

a) is b) was c) be

5.​ Yesterday we occasionally _________ at the bus stop.

a) meet b) have met c) met

6.​ My mum`s birthday is on Sunday. I`d like to buy ________ in that department store.

a) anything b) something c) nothing

7.​ They __________ finished their dinner yet.

a) didn`t b) haven`t c) don`t

8.​ Probably it ________ cold tomorrow.

a) is going to b) will be c) is

9.​ My pen friend ________ in London since 2005

a) lives b) has lived c) live

10.​ Our competition is __________ May.

a) at b) on c) in

11.​ I want __________ some drinks for the party.

a) buy b) buying c) to buy

12.​ I don`t like ________ bright T-shirts.

a) wear b) wearing c) wears

13.​ We ___________ our parents during 2 hours.

a) were helping b) helped c) was helping

14.​ Why _______ you cleaned your room by the time your mother came?

a) didn`t b) haven`t c) hadn`t

15.​ When I was five I could read very well but I _________ swim.

a) can`t b) couldn`t c) cannot

16.​ Kate told them that she ______ 16 years old.

a) is b) will be c) was

17.​ I was mopping while my sister __________ .

a) cooked b) was cooking c) cook

18.​ Last summer they _________ to the camp.

a) haven`t gone b) didn`t go c) don`t go

19. __________ is that women wearing white hat?

a) Whose b) Whome c) Who`s

20. Yesterday my parents ________ home by 7 p m.

a) went b) have gone c) had gone

21. What is the _________ leisure center in your city?

a) more famous b) famouser c) most famous

22. My friend ________ exercises every day.

a) does b) do c) doing

23. She ___________ all her guests yet.

a) isn`t invited b) didn`t invite c) hasn`t invited

24. I was looking _______ my passport during an hour.

a) for b) upon c) after

25. I couldn`t help _________ when I saw his trousers.

a) laugh b) to laugh c) laughing

26. We _________ our grandparents last weekend.

a) visiting b) have visited c) visited

27. It ________ tomorrow.

a) will be raining b) will rain c) is raining

28. Kate was having the shower when her friend _______ her.

a) was phoning b) phoned c) had phoned

29. My mother _________ as a nurse for ten years.

a) worked b) had worked c) has worked

30. They told that they ________ returned next Friday.

a) will b) would c) is going to

1.​ c 16. c

2.​ a 17. b

3.​ b 18. b

4.​ b 19. c

5.​ c 20. c

6.​ b 21. c

7.​ b 22. a

8.​ b 23. c

9.​ b 24. a

10.​ c 25. c

11.​ c 26. c

12.​ b 27. b

13.​ a 28. b

14.​ c 29. c

15.​ b 30. b